High Waters are a Canadian indie quartet comprised of Derek Connely (lyrics/vocals/guitars/synths), Martin Villeneuve (guitars/vocals/effects/synths), Troy Huizinga (bass/vocals/percussion), and Matt Speedy (drums/percussion). Established in 2009, and currently based in Ottawa, ON, they record and perform a unique brand of panoramic rock. Using crisp, soaring vocals, expressive lead guitar, lush harmonies and synths, playful bass, and a driving percussive force, their intricate arrangements, laced with ethereal sounds, grow until they reach a swelling climax, creating a surge of rock, soul, and electronic music that commands attention. Their album entitled 'Goodnight Mara' was released September 19, 2015.

"[High Waters] have made a habit out of turning eerie, sombre sounds into beautiful music." —Exclaim!

"...walks the line between chaotic and serene with a master’s control." —The Scene Magazine

"Their guitar driven rock is reminiscent of Canadian indie favourites like Wintersleep, only they take strange turns melodically into a different dark, mysterious world." —Ride the Tempo

"The singer [...] reminds me of Tim Baker, the frontman of Hey Rosetta. [...] Next time I drive along a coast, I’ll be listening to this track. [It] gave me the chills." —Bucketlist